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Sacred Presence by Lakshmi Kanter

This sacred and ritual space allows you to cross the threshold from external to internal, from seen to unseen, from another time into the present. Contribute to the altar from your heart. Offer your heaviness and darkness, offer your light and exuberance. Offer your gifts – and your challenges. Let go of what you’re ready to release in order to make space for what you’re ready to receive. Invite and call in new intentions. Be inspired by the glow of a field of beeswax candles and cleansed by the negative ions they emit. Convene impromptu gatherings or workshops. Be silent and honor the altar’s once-living foundation and the constancy of change. These are all ancient elements of our ancestor’s rituals, which have taken place worldwide and since time immemorial. When we pause to honor transformation, we cease struggling against its power and inevitability. And only then can we tap into the immense current of energy that fuels all change – and begin to flow with it as it beckons us toward ever new possibilities.