• Found@Sea


    Invoking the impermanence of memory and engaging the cycles of birth and loss that characterize New York’s physical as well as cultural landscapes, Found@Sea combines storytelling, ephemeral found object sculpture, collaborative art making and sustainability in a series of interventions that culminate in a participatory public event.

    The project solicits ten creators to submit stories about beloved lost objects, and to construct sandcastles dedicated to these items during a one-day event in Fort Tilden on August 7th, 2021 (time TBA). The event will invite participants to view the sandcastles and their stories, and watch them wash away with the tides. There will also be a participatory storytelling event, inviting event-goers to engage in a tale woven from found objects washed up at sea and the imagination of the collective.

    We invite you to create a natural found object sandcastle/sculpture (limited to ONLY items that belong in the ocean: aka: sand, rocks, sea grass, shells: things found at and returned to the ocean) dedicated to a beloved lost object. Was it your ring, an old band t-shirt, a letter? Design a sandcastle as a homage to that lost object at low tide, and then at high tide, watch it wash away to the sea.

    You can work with a team, or on your own to construct this sandcastle. We will provide you with a $150 stipend for your time, effort, and creativity. Note: this is an all-day event...we will expect you to arrive a few hours in advance to build your sandcastle/sculpture and then stay for the duration of the event, which will be 3 hours.

    Please fill out the application below, we will choose 10 artists. Application due on June 19th. We will notify you of the chosen artists by June 22nd.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at Shadow Traffic

    Click here to apply!