• Found@Sea


    Lost Horizon Night Market Meet n Greet
    Tuesday Sept 14, 7p-9p
    2032 Palmetto St, Ridgewood, NY

    What is the Lost Horizon Night Market?

    As always, the Lost Horizon Night Market is a transient bazaar where one can encounter a variety of mysterious lounges, theaters, galleries, cafes, installations and other establishments, all situated within seemingly ordinary box trucks. Over the years, the Proprietorship has grown to include dozens of unique Establishments and the conjuring of any of new or old ideas are welcome. The guiding principle to the each establishment is interactivity. There are no spectators, only participants!

    Where is the Lost Horizon Night Market?

    The location of the night market changes each time we host it. We try to occupy odd places within the urban landscape, a place that takes a bit of an adventure to get to. We look for locations with ample parking, industrial spaces away from residential areas, off-the-beaten path places. We occupy the public street, and utilize street parking to host our night market.

    When is the Night Market?

    This year the night market will be on Saturday, Oct 16th. The market will open to participants at 9p and close at 1a. We recommend getting an early start to ensure that your truck is in place and ready by 830p because the crowds are very prompt! We will prepare an after party to ensure that the crowds disperse on time and allow you break down your truck in peace.

    How do I become a proprietor?

    Being an artist with the Lost Horizon Night Market is a self-propelled mission. We have no selection process, to be part of the night market simply means to rent a truck and create an interactive art project inside of it and show up at the correct time and place we organize. You are entirely responsible for your proprietorship, meaning you are responsible for the rental of your truck, the artwork inside, and the interactivity you create.

    Some advice to new proprietors

    -If you are coming from a long distance, we recommend renting a truck locally, and making your artwork transportable enough in a car(s) or on a bus (once a large 10’ vagina was placed in the luggage compartment of a MegaBus for the Night Market!). You are responsible for renting and paying for your own truck.
    -While it’s entirely possible to rent a truck on your own and operate it on your own, we do not recommend it and we have found that trucks are more successful when ran in groups. To run a proprietorship, consider you will be driving a rental truck, building it out, and facilitating interactivity inside of it. Team up with your friends! It’s better together.
    -Enlist a gatekeeper. The night market gets very busy at times, and you will have lines trying to get into your truck. We recommend you take turns with your group to have a person managing how many people come in and out of your truck. You can make the gatekeeper role fun and interactive, not just a bouncer.
    -You are responsible for your truck. Look at parking signs, make sure you have a sober driver to drive your truck away at the end of the night, or make a plan to park it in a safe location (away from where the Night Market takes place).
    -Collect tips! You can offset the cost of your proprietorship by collecting tips from your patrons.
    -Zip ties, staple guns, and gorilla tape are your friends. What goes up in a box truck must come down so make it sturdy and temporary.

    Who are the Choosers of the Time and Place?

    That would be us, Shadow Traffic, and what we do for this event is exactly that: choose the time and place for your proprietorship to land.

    How do I register to come?

    Email us at shadowtrafficproductions@gmail.com and we will add your truck to the lineup, and keep you updated with our address of the event and any other information you need.

    What kind of project should I bring?

    Any kind of mini-world your heart imagines: as so long as it is immersive and interactive. Think of the space inside of a box truck, empty, utilitarian...and imagine using that space to build what you imagine.

    Do I have to rent a truck?

    We prefer that you rent something which is concealed from the outside, magical on the inside. We want the look of a usual, incognito street, but once inside of a truck, magic unfolds. So, if a truck is not your preferred medium, you can use another vessel but it must be MOBILE and CONCEALED FROM THE OUTSIDE.