• Anticipate-A-Day


    Anticipate-A-Day is a bespoke image experience delivered to participants’ homes by way of a classic toy known as a Viewfinder. An RFP process will select 11 individuals to each create an ‘image reel’ of 14 slides (2 reels of 7 slides each). We will then send each Viewfinder around to participants on a mail-art journey! The only parameters are that it must be

    1) participatory; whether it contains puzzles, internet scavenger hunts or prompts to engage in real life interactions.
    2) be built in pairs-per-day; the participants must be asked to only look at two consecutive images per day.


    -Creators may but are not required to provide a 3” x 5” postcard that contains greetings or instructions.
    -Creators will have the opportunity to decorate their Viewfinder.
    -Creators also may submit a center image that will be in the middle of their image reel. The default image is the Shadow Traffic logo.
    -Shadow Traffic will include one 3” x 5” postcard that contains basic operation, sanitization and shipping instructions, as well as pre-paid shipping to the next participant.
    -Shadow Traffic reserves the right to sell or auction off the Viewfinders and image reels for non-profit fundraising purposes upon the conclusion of the project. There will be an agreed upon grace period in which creators may show off their Viewfinder and image reel to friends, family and strangers.
    -If we are in a post-pandemic world at that point, we may even have a viewing party!

    -Each creator will be offered a $50 stipend for their work.
    -Creators may become patrons of their image reel project by providing $250 for their own Viewfinder, image reels and shipping costs.
    -Shadow Traffic will handle all shipping costs and logistics.

    Project Timeline
    RFP Deadline: Tuesday Jan 26
    Creators Announced: Tuesday Feb 9
    Participant sign-up opens: Thursday Feb 25
    Final day to submit image reels: Tuesday Mar 2
    Image reels arrive to Shadow Traffic: Friday Mar 19
    Final day to decorate Viewfinder or 3”x5” postcard: Thursday Mar 25
    Viewfinder & image reels ship to first participant: Friday Mar 26
    Viewfinder & image reels to return to Shadow Traffic: Friday Aug 13


    -All shipping will be USPS First Class.
    -Viewfinders may be shipped anywhere in the US. Please make your participation requirements functional within COVID-era restraints and reasonable to busy people.
    -Your creation does not need to be a high functioning or demanding scavenger or puzzle hunt. It can simply be a photo essay of a project that is dear to you, with low-key participatory requirements. E.G., if you are making an image reel about birds, one of your requirements could be “Try to go on a walk, drive or bike ride today and see if you can spot any birds. Take note of their breast color and their warble”.
    -We anticipate shipping each Viewfinder to five people. With eleven creators, we will aim for 55 participants. Participants may sign up for a suggested donation of $10-$40.
    -Participants may sign up once. We will have a cap of 55 participants, so folks may join a waitlist if they wish to receive more than one viewfinder.
    -In addition to USPS Tracking Numbers, we will ask each participant to inform us when they have received their package and when they have sent it to the next participant.
    Viewfinder reels will be built on image3d.com where text may be added to each image in multiple colors, fonts and sizes.
    Creators will be using Shadow Traffic login credentials to create their image reel.


    -JPGs are the required file type
    -There is no limit to the file size of your image. For faster upload times 1mb file sizes are best. If your image is large (4mb or larger) it may take a while for it to upload, so please be patient with large files.
    -If your images are too small, it will appear pixelated on the screen. If this happens, it will print pixelated. It is highly recommended that you get a higher resolution image.
    -1112px wide by 955px tall will give you the closest dimension to a single frame on a reel with good quality. If you are not a pixel and bits person, your file should be about 1mb.
    -In terms of center image (step 2 when building), a 1200 x 1200 image will be close to the final dimensions, just remember it is round.
    More importantly, you will be uploading your images into our Reel Builder, so you can always resize and adjust within the editing tool, so none of these dimensions are imperative to making a Reel.
    -We have a template if you wish to use it. Just contact us and we will send it your way!
    -RGB Color is preferred. Other formats may work but can cause a shift in quality and color.
    Tips for your Photos
    Our reel builder has been designed to let customers simply upload their digital photos and make a reel. There is really no need for any fancy photo techniques or special dimensions. But, if you want to make the most of your reel, follow these tips:
    -Remember that reel images are horizontal. Vertical photos will work just fine, you will likely need to use our tool to scale (zoom) out of the photo fit it in the entire area.
    -Your images are not converted into 3D, your photos will remain in 2D. However, if you add text to your reel using our tool within the builder, it will be in 3D. For this reason, we always recommend using our tool to add text because it's fun and you'll also guarantee that your text size is large enough!
    -Each frame only allows 1 photo. If you want multiple photos in one frame, you can use a photo editing program (like Photoshop) or an app to make a collage of photos to save as one image to upload.
    -If a photo uploads sideways (this typically happens with photos from a mobile device) you can easily rotate it with our rotate tool on the desktop version of our reel builder, or with your fingers or on themobile version of our reel builder.