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Dark Before Dawn | Produced by Jonah Levy | Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk
Dark Before Dawn | Produced by Jonah Levy | Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

In these dark times, we try to see the light. It may be distant, a mere glimmer, but the laws of celestial bodies promise revolution; that light comes after dark.
If you choose to focus on the light that peeks out from the horizon, that is your choice, but I’m inviting you to explore the darkness with me.

Dark Before Dawn allows us to find comfort, even relish, in the frustration and anguish on the long road ahead of us.

Explore a vacant apartment building to discover speakeasies, immersive experiences, and intimate performances:

Candela--Love letters with darkness and bursts of light
Psychic Surgery--Removing emotional trauma and a little bit of gore
Stellar Displacement--Lie down on the grass and gaze at the night sky
Covert Cocktail Club--Craft cocktails by Brooklyn's best
Pocket Poker Saloon--No $$ allowed
Apothecary Parlor--Booze & tattoos
Broken Bone Bathtub--Soak your sorrows away with aquatic storytelling
Trough Catering--Chow down with the rest of the animals
Feminist Nightmare--Escape the kitchen
American Carnage--American Dream
Bowerbird Nest--Birthing bits of wisdom from trash

A portion of proceeds benefit the Immigrant Justice Corps

Collaborators: Matt Levy, Jesse Moy, Lucas G Crane, Angie Moore, Isabel Kagan, Jon Gillen, James Dawson, Kathryn Sclavi, Erik Sanner, Danielle Butler, Shalin Scupham, Eli Goodfriend, Jonathan Sims, Stephen Clark & Sonya Belakhlef, Jeff Stark, Seth Larson, Abby Entsminger, Jaclyn Atkinson, Dirby, Siobhan O'Loughlin, Lindsay Arden, Simone Ver Eecke, Lani Combier-Kapel, Chaney Lane-Trotter, Pete Scalzitti, Peach Jin Tao