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A Catharsis Parade and Effigy Burning

Reduce your 2018 anxieties and bogeymen to a pile of smoldering ashes at our brass band-tastic, mask-wearing, parasol-twirling Burning of Grievances.

We will gather beneath the Manhattan bridge to acknowledge the historic foundation of injustice that we've found our society built upon. After an invocation of these injuries and a blessing of gratitude for our collective strength, a brass band will commence the release of burdens as we dance along the water’s edge.

We will board the NYC Ferry and blast across the dark waters as the skyline of Manhattan glints and the sting of tears are pulled by the cold wind. A quick march through Williamsburg will bring us to the L train and the final leg of our journey. The underground chariot will rocket us through the bones of Brooklyn while Hungry March wraps up their bacchanalian triumph.

The effigy burning will take place at a TBD location in Bushwick that serves affordable drinks and hot food. Our MC will read aloud the rants, cries and proclamations of our crowd, whether prepared beforehand or in the passion of the night. Fire performers will set them alight in a flash of catharsis before setting aflame the effigy we've prepared for midnight of the longest night of this very long year.


Dark Surprises
Performance Art!

At this event we intend to engage collectively to reinforce one another and hold space for the healing and releasing of burdens. While the physical location of the burning is TBD, we will establish safer space policies at said location. A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety. It is a space that is critical of the power structures that affect our everyday lives, and where power dynamics, backgrounds, and the effects of our behavior on others are prioritized. It’s a space that strives to respect and understand survivors’ specific needs. Everyone who enters a safer space has a responsibility to uphold the values of the space.

Dress in festive layers of warmth for a cathartic release of ash and smoke (and marching outside).
Consider a homemade mask to chase away your demons.
Consider your grievance as it pertains to our Safer Spaces policy.
Imbibing alcohol in open containers and the use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.
Food and beverages will be served at the final destination.
This is an all ages event.