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It's March! It's Springtime! Time to frolic and dance in the dew-covered flowers as the sun warms your--

WRONG! Early March is the time you wish it were spring. Time to warm up your blood the old fashioned way. Bust out the scribbling pad, crank up the oven and hit the electric kettle. It's time to start planning with your coziest, zaniest friends.

The best in each of the categories will be awarded with cash prizes!
Richest picnic meal
Funnest picnic game
Bestest picnic drink
Mostest thematic team

Second Wind Pirate Cafe
Clone Family Reunion
Lizard People
Paternal Picnic
Nutty by Nature
Bernie Sandwiches
Warm & Stormy
Barely Legal Brunchin Babes (AKA Team Grandma)