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Take a journey skyward to the roof: an urban prairie, a vast terrain, a frontier of possibility. Your night will lead you to a collection of campfire stories facilitated by local storytellers. Our journey will begin at dusk, and as the changing light moves from golden hues to deep purples, our rooftop will alight in a constellation of stories and connection across the glow of electric firelight. Meet a new friend, a lost soulmate, a strange companion, and recall memories as you gaze into the city skyline, filled with infinite combinations of communion.

Ego tells us many things through our life: what is right and wrong, what to do next, and what to let go of. On this night, as memories spiral upwards out of the ego of a singular mind, we weave them into a rising constellation of a shared experience.

Campfires have long signified gathering space: places of warmth and connection, finding common ground through our stories and shared gifts. With our birds-eye view of the urban landscape and the stars, participants will visit these “campfires” and participate in the sharing of stories by tale weavers.

Bedford and Bowery article by Hannah Frishberg