Previous Experiences > Competitive Winter Picnicking 2018

A reprise of the wildly successful 2014 event, where warmth, outdoor games and park picnics are entirely independent of seasonal weather.

February is a tough month. You’ve been through the marathon of year-end holidays, Vitamin D withdrawal and lack of seasonal work--and you still have one more month till the Spring. The heat of competition thaws the frostiest of winter doldrums. Get into the kitchen, bust out the long johns, and start planning with your coziest, zaniest friends.

The best in each of the categories will be award with cash prizes!
Richest picnic meal-$150
Funnest picnic game-$100
Bestest picnic drink-$50
Mostest thematic team-$50

Featuring the Snuggling Olympics! We’ll have a number of beds on site for the following competitions:
-Competitive Small-Spooning
-The Forehead Kiss Trials
-Bed Hog Wrestling

Cold-Hearted Queens
Team Solitude
Pynnyth Gwaltrow's Glop
Get Out of Dodge
Peruvian Space Program
Tropical Escape Swim Up Bar
Skull Eaters
The Seasick Bolsheviks
Sakura Not-suri
Mime is Money