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Snuggling Olympics | Pillow Hoarding | Photo by Alix Piorun
Snuggling Olympics | Pillow Hoarding | Photo by Alix Piorun

On a drizzly February Sunday that soon became rather temperate, 50+ goons formed about a dozen teams to compete in brilliantly idiotic competitions.

Hashing it out for Richest Picnic Meal, Tastiest Picnic Drink, Funnest Picnic Game and Tightest Thematic Team, these willing participants threw down with puns, costumes, tableau and an epically fierce Snuggling Olympics ceremony.

Produced by Shadow Traffic with special guest judges Jason Eppink and Preston Change-O.

Photos by Alix Piorun


Some of the Awarded Winners were as Follows:

Best In Show/Best (Worst) Puns/Least Amount of Clothes Worn: Naughti-cals
Richest Picnic Meal: Sakura Matisuri
Most Thematic/Best Costumes/Best Picnic Basket: ANTS ATTACK!
Best Game: 3C’s (Archery for food selection! A close runner up was Ice Bowling from Song of Ice and Fire Team.)
Best Drink/Best Sportsmanship: Team of Ice and Fire (two teams combined to make up this single entity due to fellow teammate’s weather cancellations)
Best Bribe: Jodorowsky’s Peruvian Space Program
Best Use of Meat: Jodorowsky’s Peruvian Space Program (thank you for NOT eating the guinea pigs you brought to power your ship)
Most Historically Impressive/Best Visual Display: Seasick Bolsheviks
Most Healthy Picnic/Veganist Food/Best Picnic Drink: GLOOP—Gwenyth Paltrow Cult
Most Valiant Failed Attempt: Ice Queens
And the Grand Champion of Snuggling Olympics: Alex Augusty!